Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kicking off the 2010-2011 Essay Editing season!

Hi all - hope you have been doing well. My apologies for the lack of recent essay tips. We had some personal family stuff come up and I've been "away from the computer" dealing with it. But, I'm now back in action and better than ever!
So what does that mean? It means more writing tips coming soon. It also means that I'm officially kicking off the 2010-2011 MBA Application Essay Editing season! I had such a great great time last year meeting applicants and helping with their journeys to Business School and am excited to do it again!

I've included below the ad I have been posting around about the services I offer. For questions, more information and/or pricing please feel free to either email ( or call (617-794-5949) me.

Finally, As an incentive to get started early I am offering a 10% discount to applicants who start essay review services with me before September 1st, 2010 and mention this blog post. Looking forward to another great year!

Are you applying to college or MBA programs and struggling to get those essays just right? I'm here to help you make sure that your essays are clear, concise, and all about showing YOU off in the best light possible!

How I can help your college or MBA admissions process:
- Simple Essay Review: I will look at your essay, correct any grammar mistakes and write up a summary of strengths and areas of improvement.
- Extensive Essay Review: Includes the above. I will also extensively edit the essay document itself, increase the detail of the summary document and suggest how the essay should balance with the rest of your application.
- School Package: Includes a review of all essays for a particular school (with the choice of either simple or extensive reviews) and a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the application as a whole.

My credentials:
- I graduated with my MBA from Harvard Business School in June of 2009. During the application process, I was accepted at 6 schools.
- In 2003 I got my undergraduate degree from MIT. During my time there I wrote numerous speeches and proposals.
- In between, I also applied and was admitted to numerous medical schools (I decided a life of medicine was not for me and didn't matriculate).
- My job as a Management Consultant at a Top 3 firm revolves around communicating information quickly, concisely and effectively!

Please contact me either via email ( or phone (617-794-5949). Looking forward to helping!