Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome to the Round 1 HBS Admits!

Congratulations to the new admits for the Class of 2010! You are in for one amazing ride ... enjoy this day, as it's one you will truly never forget.

I can't believe there's a whole new crop of people already! I feel like I just started here and I never want it to end.

If any admits need advice or have questions feel free to send my way. Congrats again!


AG427 said...

I love reading your blog, both because of your enthusiasm and because I feel like we've been in similar boats. I have been accepted to both Wharton and HBS (yay!) and wait-listed at Kellogg. I am almost 100% certain I will attend HBS in the fall but am just waiting for the Admit Weekends to help secure my decision.

I am curious to hear your perspective on housing options - where you've chosen to live and whether you are satisfied...and whether you have any additional insights now that you are in Cambridge and have spent a semester on campus. I have checked out the options online and can't decide what would be best for me - I'm single and have no attachments (boyfriends, husbands, pets...) and would prefer to be closer to/more involved with the community, vs. less involved.

Glad you are loving your HBS experience!

hbs said...

Great blog! I really should have done this myself. I have a question for you... do you think one of your letter of recommendations to HBS could be written by your boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover? there are debates going on within a small group in my section right now, hushed debates obviously! because one of my section mates had her recommendation letter written by her married lover. certainly the women i know here have strong issues with this regarding the hbs community values statement. Conflict of interest?

Frog ! said...

Hi there ! :)

Great blog ! It is really helful.thanks for writing it.
I am applying to HBS R3 and I too feel a bit "naive" regarding the application process. More over, Iam applying as a College Senior (don't run !!:) - If I get in I plan to postpone for 2 years)

Due to my "special" applicant category I have a few questions regarding my application. I feel an "insider perspective" could be really helpful..
Do you think I could eventually send them to you via email as I dont feel totally confortable posting them here ?

Thanks a lot ! :)


Anonymous said...

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