Monday, December 17, 2007

HBS is Amazing! ... and fielding application advice/questions!

Hello blogging world, wow wow wow. I can't believe that 4 months have gone by since I last blogged. Let's just say life at HBS is way busier and way more amazing than I ever thought it would be. I could write pages and pages for days and days but I won't for now as I probably should get some sleep before my finance final tomorrow. Oh 4.5 hours of financial modeling and typing as much as I can - does life really get any better than this?

The main reason I've started up this blog if to take and respond to questions from applicants to bschool. I remember how confusing the whole process was and I'd love to give whatever (limited) help I can to everyone else out there! So, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I'll try to post at least one blog entry a week responding to most (if not all) of them.

I also want to keep a better diary of school and life here. First to spread the HBS spirit and second to help me remember years down the road what an amazing place this is ...

And so I begin my reflections on RC year ...

SECTION: First years here (called RCs) are split into 10 90-person sections and let me tell you, section pride is intense. Let's just say that my secion has been consistently called a "cult", "that section" and "obsessed with each other". And I have to say that those names give me some perverse sort of pride. I'm honored to call these people my section-mates, my family - both because of what they have accomplished and because of who they are. I'm actually sad that the semester is ending because that means I only have one more term to have class with these people every single day. What truly amazes me is how we are able to laugh in every class we have - who knew learning could be so fun?

PROFESSORS: Wow, we got SO fortunate this term ... both our TOM (Technology Operations Management) and FIN1 (Finance 1) professors are two of the best in the school. I honestly feel like all our profs are part of our family and I'm sad to not be seeing them again next term. I mean honestly, where else can you have profs that teach classes about a sock factory with no shoes on, get you to honestly talk about gender/race in the workplace and inspire you to develop a diversified Section Retirement fund?

CASE METHOD: I know a lot people have doubts in this for classes like accounting and finance, and it's not for everyone, but I find it amazing. The best part is that while I learn the concepts (which anyone could do from a book) what we really learn are about the managerial decisions that executives must make for cases that are "on the edge". When is it appropriate to change depreciation methods? Is it representative of the business we are in? How would the change affect the financial statements and in turn the investors view of the company? I truly appreciate the no-laptop policy, and I can't imagine a situation where students are more engaged and enthusiastic to be in class.

There are 210938098 more things to write (especially about the amazing social life here as well!) but I'll leave that be for a night when I don't have a final the next day ... thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!