Thursday, May 17, 2007

What I've been up to and Wharton Waitlist Decision

Hello all! Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I thought life was crazy as an applicant, but to be honest, it almost feels crazier as an admit! So, a few quick updates and then my Wharton Waitlist Decision ...

So, I have to give it to Michigan, GBR is amazing. In general, their recruitment process is amazing. From the numerous Women's events they held in Boston, for applicants and then admits, to the numerous current students and admins and alums who reached out to me, to the amazing time at GBR, all was great. I love that Michigan paired us up with a student host for the weekend. And I think the events they planned were great as well. But honestly, the best part was that the students REALLY wanted to get to know you and sell the school. We had a group dinner the first night and I ended up going out with 2 other admits and a bunch of students until 4 in the morning! The rest of the days and nights were like this too, it was just great. Mad props to the GBR planning team and Ross overall. By far, the best recruitment I've seen. In fact, the weekend was so great that I was "in-bed sick" for 2.5 weeks after and am still not 100% recovered.

This was a nice time as well, but to be honest, not as well planned or "recruit-y" as other Admit weekends (a sentiment I heard all around). I guess, though, that's what happens when you are Harvard. I was still sick from GBR so I didn't get to go out and party as much as I would have liked, but still fun. The best part of this weekend was definitely meeting all the awesome people! the activities weren't the most fantastic, but the people were so amazing. Everyone had done something so phenomenol, that I started to think, "hey! how did I get in?" haha. Another fantastic thing was going to class. This, by far, is the reason why I am going to HBS. I love watching the case method in action and seeing students so in-love with their sections is something I can't wait to be part of. Also amazing was the HBS Show. This is a show put on by students every year parody-ing life at HBS. It was SO hilarious! And, it's unbelievable how talented the students are. I mean, people were singing songs from Phantom of the Opera and they were SO good! I honestly cannot wait to be part of this community.

So, I gave my notice at work about a month ago. I gave them two months time to hire and have me train someone and my last day will be June 15th. I. Cannot. Wait. Until then things have gotten a bit crazy as people have left and work has been spread out to a few of us, but I don't care because I have the light at the end of the tunnel! After that I plan to chill and travel for a few months before returning to Boston for school around Sept 1st. I REALLY wanted to go to Kenya for 2 weeks to volunteer and safari, but my mom is worried about my safety so I may postpone the trip. I am definitely going to Hawaii with a bunch of college friends for a wedding and doing a family trip. I'm thinking Greece for the family trip. Do you guys have suggestions of awesome places to go and travel? And cool places to stay? I love funky/cool/swanky hotels (yes, I can be a brat, I know).

I got admitted to Wharton!! I can't believe it. I found out yesterday and was both so happy and so sad at the same time. When I started applying to business school I always said that if I got in everywhere, my choice would come down to Wharton and Harvard. And now, I have that choice! I know in my heart, at the end of the day I will choose Harvard. It just is the right place for me in almost every way - case method, strength in General Management (I think I want to go into strategic planning), full campus as opposed to a single building, reputation (can't lie), location in Boston (I have deep roots here) ... but it still saddens me to say no to Wharton. I think it's more that Harvard and Penn both said no to me for undergrad, and med school (yes, I wanted to be a doctor before) and now finally have both let me in! And it's sad to have to say no to Wharton and really never have the chance to study there ... I wish I could do 2 MBAs and be in school for 4 years and learn at both places ... ha ok I don't REALLY wish that ($300k of debt and too much school) but you know what I mean. My decision is 99% made, but just going to wait it out a bit. Any advice on this?

Update 5: THANKS!!
I know I'm not the best commenter or responder but I just want to say thanks for the support of this online admit community and also my friends and family. I feel lucky that this was a relatively short journey for me (I still remember everyone saying I was nuts to do so many apps in such a short time!) but it was still stressful and anxiety-filled and everyone was supportive and SO happy for me regardless of the results. So, a huge thanks! And a huge congrats and good job to everyone in this community too. We all are peers forever now (MBA '09!) and it'll be awesome to see where we end up 10 years down the road!

And, I promise to try to update more often from now on .... :)