Monday, February 12, 2007

Invited to Interview at ....


Man, this is getting really crazy. I'm trying to keep myself from getting overwhelmed.

In other news, I will report on my interview experiences thus far later, but nothing too crazy. Pretty standard you know? Why MBA? Why Now? Why X School? Tell me about your Career Change? Long and Short Term Goals? What Clubs? etc etc


What's best for me said...

Wow - you are on a roll!!! Congratulations! I am anxiously awaiting the coveted HBS invite - I am actually on pins and needles for this one. What is your recipe for success? Keep up the good work and of course us updated on your progress.

Novalphasierra said...

Get out!!! Are you for real?

Were you one of the kids in college who studied just the night before the test and walked away with an A?

And can I hire you as my coach, in case I have to reapply next year?

Congratulations! I hope you get into the school of your choice.

My very best.



udybaby said...

Damn!!! A suggestion..Just compile all the posts into a "Not invited to Interview at:" post..Wait a sec...maybe you wont need that post at all:))

All the best at all of them!

VenusDiCyndi said...

now you got no more invitations
to come as they all came already~
great job girl..
im still waiting for the interview invitation from NYU. I got an email from them that official score is missing and I should submit it asap otherwise I will be disadvantaged=(
btw, ATB at your interviews~~!!!!!

Mocha said...


Did you apply for R2 at NYU too? ^^

Sudha said...

wow! thats 8 out of 9! (and can still become 9 on 9).
u go girl!

Inblue said...

You dont belong to this world do you ?!

All the best !

leoaueb said...

Did u interview with CBS? If not, let me know about it...!!! I could give you a hint or two! :-)

Novalphasierra said...

No news yet from CBS - under review. I called Chicago to check whether they received one of my recos - they said that my app was being read. Cornell told me that my app was 2 weeks from being read. Cornell is running behind this year on R2 and R3 invites.

I'm putting my money on Sloan, Chicago and Cornell.


Iday said...

Seems to be no stopping u :)
All the best for all the interviews.

PS: Never seen anyone with so many invites :D

Rahul said...

Wow!! its difficult to believe that a person can have interview offers from so many top-schools.

All the best girl.

Inblue said...

I hear what you say. With an admit, it hurts less !

check said...


Congrats on a great success...go and knock them out in the interviews.

If you don't mind, could you post a description of your profile?