Friday, February 9, 2007

2 More Interviews Coming Up ...

So I have my Kellogg and Columbia interviews coming up quite shortly ... any words of wisdom?

ps - Sorry I have been bad about responding to comments, etc. Work has been nuts along with all this interview prep, and I just haven't had the minutes too ... but will soon!

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Iday said...

The kellogg interview is TOTALLY blind. I mean, even my Chicago interview was blind - but my Kellogg was probably more blind that blind gets. So be prepared to answer anything that goes into the resume.

For example - i was asked to explain why i chose my undergrad school, my experience at undergrad school, explain about the company i work in, different parts of my project, my team specifically. Stuff like this was never asked in my Chicago interview.

As always - check the accepted interview database and the clearadmit interview wiki. If u r prepared for the questions listed there - u shud be doing good.

PS: Sorry - no idea reg the Columbia interview as i did not apply :)