Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So close to being done, I can taste it

Wow, talk about exhausted. It's not even that I'm stressed or anxious, but truly just exhausted. Have not felt this tired from doing excessive work since college.

Here's the quick update:
1) UChicago: Submitted!
2) Columbia: Submitted! (Did NOT realize how heavy the data part of the application would be on this one)
3) MIT: Decided not to apply. 2 more years at a tech-heavy school in cold Boston just do not sound happy to me. And I firmly believe that in order to be successful in school/life you have to be happy wherever you are!
4) Stanford: Totally done, just sleeping on it tonight before I click on submit.

Wow wow wow wow wow. I cannot even believe how close I am to being done. Well, kind of. I obviously have to finish NYU by the end of this week (soft deadline for myself). And then the waiting waiting waiting and hopefully getting an interview. I am worried about not getting one, but I've done the best I could do and it's out of my hands now! It's definitely tough to work a full-time job with lots of hours and apply to business school, but I have to say I'm proud that I did it.

But seriously, am very very very nervous about not getting any interviews.

In becoming a bit introspective about this whole process, I've really realized how much learning I have to do. While researching all the websites and curricula and all, I can't believe how much knowledge is out there. I only wish that everyone in my company had to take some of the courses I will hopefully have the opportunity to take. Applying has definitely made me realize the value of proper training, especially for managers.

Have I mentioned that I'm slightly nervous about not getting any interviews?


Inblue said...

Tell me about nervousness !I was darn nervous about gettting interviews too. Truly I am a little nervous today .

But, do one thing, just try to put your mind off it. I know its difficult but you have to get that done to be sane enough !

Here's wishing you a lot lot of luck ! All the best and congrats on being almost done !

Wannabe said...

You are the best. How many schools did you complete and submit in this two week window?! Let me buy you a drink if you're ever in the same part of the world as I am....

I usually revise my essays maybe 10 times before the final product? I have family to help me with the revisions. On my own, I probably write 3-5 draft essays then choose to work on the one with the best flow and detail.

Good luck.


asiangal said...

Congratulations! =) Did you have time to get your essays reviewed by others? I found that even when I personally thought my essays were absolutely perfect, 3rd parties were able to give me amazing feedback on how I could improve my writing.

MBA babe said...

you are a rockstar!! i'm probably going to sleep on stanford too - don't trust myself to do a good re-read right now.

don't worry about the interviews for at least a month...take time to celebrate being done!

Iday said...

I'm just worried :|

Your speed scares me - did u get enough time to review and re-work on the essays? Did u get them reviewed by relatives/friends/3rd party individuals.

I hope you did not allow the deadlines to take over ur mind. I hope u submitted kickass essays and i hope u would get interview calls from all the schools you have appplied to :)

All the very best. Speaking of post submission emptiness and anxiety - you can win over them by blogging ;)

Sudha said...

wannabe, asinagal and iDay - if aGirlsMBa falls on one end of the spectrum and the rest of the re-viewing-till-death-and-stressing-over-essays MBA applicant world falls on the other, I must say I am more closer to aGirlsMBA!
I had only one person review my essays, plus showed them to one of my recommenders. Once the first draft is ready (2-3 days) I allowed myself 3 drafts (including the 2 third party reviews). The fourth draft has to go under the submit button, I am afraid!

AgirlsMBA - don't let all their concern scare u away (though ther r only 2 more apps to go). I totally understand!

Sudha said...

and i forget to mention. all the reused essays about leadreship experiences and professional achievements/failures etc take about 3-4 hrs to tailor to the new app :)

R2_MBA said...

nice work...

you're pretty fast at this.

i still have the conclusion for my first essay to write.

Iday said...

i am no iDay. The name is Iday :)