Sunday, January 14, 2007

Finished with all my applications!

Hello to all my fellow, MBA-ers ... get ready for it ... I AM DONE WITH MY MBA APPLICATIONS, YIPPEEEE!!!

I can't believe this process is over. I wouldn't necessarily say it was "long". I started thinking about it in October, took the GMAT in November, and submitted all 9 applications from Jan 2nd through Jan 14th. However, it was extremely tiring. I know that is partially my fault, but can I help it if I do my best work at the last minute? No no, I can't.

I'm glad that I applied where I did, and I hope I get lots of interviews (or fine, at least one). And I hope, starting in the fall I am getting my MBA somewhere, and maybe meeting some of you lovely folk in the live!

It's interesting, it seems that Indians are very into this blogging thing. A lot of my comment-ers seem to be from India, and I myself am a first generation Indian-American (mama and papa immigrated here before I was born). I wonder what it is that entices our culture into blogging?

Right now I am sleepy, but I hope in the next week to post a more in-depth post ... about something ... maybe business school related, maybe not, hehe.

But for now, I need to/would like to do the following:
1) Sleep
2) Clean my apartment
3) Start working out again and training for the biggest challenge EVER
4) Start doing my own art again
5) Get groceries and cook cook cook
6) Finish the two books I am in the middle of
7) Redocrate my apartment
8) Update my portfolio
9) Increase my volunteer time

Happy thoughts to you all! : )


Sudha said...

congrats! By the power vested in me as one of the first few members, I now pronounce a member of 'da club'. lol!

I finished apping last december, but my 9 apps took me 8 weeks.

Iday said...

Sudha beat me to that - anyway, a very warm welcome from me too :)

Hope u get into a good school and start ur MBA this fall :D

Inblue said...

This is exaclty what i am doing since the last week. Enjoy your time now and dont bother too much I know its difficult but try doing it.

asiangal said...

Most of my readers (based on my site meter stats) are from the US and India ... which I suppose is representative of the applicant pool as a whole. Congratulations on submitting everything! Now you can rest ... until you get interview invites and prepare for those! =)

rungee582 said...

Wow... 9 applications... you deserve a rest after that effort. :)

MBA babe said...

Congrats!!! And as sudha and iday said - welcome to the club! :)

Gotta Be Max said...

Congratulations! seems like the long wait now begins! njoi yourselves until then!

My Tryst with an MBA

ipoel said...

Notice how when you're busy doing application/studying for GMAT/ (wateva), you have this inclination that you should be spending your time doing something else ( ie. redecorate studio, start ark work ) But when you do have the free time.. you just never get to it...

righty said...

Cant believe this!! 9 applications!!
You deserve a big CONGRATS for completing all of them!!

Btw, you did not add a very important means to pass time during these long waits: Keep blogging!!

Cheers and all the best!!

VenusDiCyndi said...

omg 9 applications..
you beat me..
i still have to submit my McCombs application. im waiting for the reco letter from my former boss, then i will mail them all in one packet. still deciding whether to apply to UW madison.(my fiance lives in WI. so personal issue matter here)
anyways best of luck and keep us posted on ur apps status~