Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Blogging My Way to An MBA!

Hello all! I've seen a bunch of blogs regarding MBA Admissions and I think it's a great way to share stories and advice, and keep a personal journal of the admissions process. So here goes my try at it!

I'm applying Round 2 to a number of schools (see the list below). My stats are 740 GMAT, 3.5 GPA, working since 08.2003 through the present.

My strengths: lots of extra-curriculars/leadership, high scores, top university, take initiative, have worked with extremely high level responsibility in past 6 months

My weaknesses: My initial two years of work experience were in science/engineering and only in the past year have I worked in business, so I worry about my "lack of experience". Also, I had one semester of really bad grades (GPA around 2.75) that I worry will affect AdCom's view of my academic ability. Finally, I feel "naive" in terms of the whole MBA and Admissions process, which may hurt my application and (if I get any) interviews.

My goals: I'd probably want to concentrate in Marketing and Operations. I'd like to go somewhere with a strong Social Entrepreneurship program. Long term I'd like to be a VP Marketing/General Manager and also start my own non-profit simultaneously.

Where I am applying (all Round 2):
Wharton (submitted 01.02.2007)
Harvard (submitted 01.02.2007)
Northwestern (almost done!!! will submit tomorrow - CANNOT wait until day of, it freaks me out)
Michigan (Still debating whether to apply - any suggestions?)
Duke (same as Michigan. Ideas?)
UChicago (Worried it might be too quantitative for me. Comments?)
MIT (too theoretical?)

Good luck to everyone applying R2!! Only a few more days, yay!


Wannabe said...

my gosh.

that's quite a few schools you're applying to. where do you really want to go to?

Manny said...

Good luck on your applications ....but why so many schools??? Maybe it makes sense to focus on your top five choices and develop a kick a$$ applications. It's just damn hard to produce quality applications when the list grows over five schools. Just a thought.

asiangal said...

Wow that is quite a list of schools. I recall starting out with 8 or so schools in the beginning and finally narrowed the list down to 4 because it was all too overwhelming. Seeing how close deadlines are though, you're probably well on your way to completing everything. Welcome to the b-school blogosphere and best of luck! =)

Iday said...

Welcome to the BSchool applicants blogosphere :)

As everyone says, quite a list :) But yeah, if you want to - you have to.

Your stats and work ex are pretty much similar to mine. Just that i dont even have the 1.5 yrs of business ex you have. So, if i go by ur definition, i have no ex at all :) The sector you work in does not count much - as against the quality of work ex you have. If you can show solid career progress with steady increase in roles and responsibilities - ur job is done.

Reg Uchicago - it is what you want your course to be :) With their completely customizable curriculum, you can tailor your course to be full of marketing. This will allow you to take only the required number of quantitative courses and not have to put up with all the quant courses dished out to you in a school with mandatory courses. So it might actually work for u.

Juggler said...

Welcome to the blog world! You will find a lot of goodwill here :-)

All the Best

rungee582 said...

Welcome to both the world of blogging and the world of app'ing. :)

Inblue said...

Welcome to blogosphere. Wish you good luck.

MBA babe said...

Welcome! Best of luck with your apps :) The blogging world is a good support system!

Wannabe said...


You've got more comments than I get in 6 months! !!!

What is your blogging secret? :)

prashant said...


can you email me at prashantmail at gmail so I can ask you some specific questions and tell you a little about myself :)

And Great Going so far and good luck with your interviews.


Leo25 said...


my background seems very similar to yours, except for the top university part and no stellar GPA'S unlike urs.

I hv done marketing and set up operations in a new region. I also have a lot of non-profit experience and work in the developmental sector. Can u plz tell me the connection u built with marketing and non-profit work. I am in my 3rd year under-grad right now, planning to apply next sem.

I am planning to apply for 2+2 program of HBS and ur inputs would benefit me immensely. Plz do reply.


Jackied mosley said...

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