Saturday, January 20, 2007

Anybody gotten interviews yet for R2?

Hello all!

Yay for being done and having time to do lots of fun things! I like lists so I'm going to list out my thoughts:

1) Has anybody gotten called for R2 interviews yet? I know the Wharton invite window opened, but on s2s and bw forums have not seen many, if any, confirmations of anyone getting the invite. Just would love to know where most of the bschools are in the process.

2) Do I have to wait for my status to change to "Complete" on all the applications I submitted or do only certain schools do this Status change once they know they have all the materials they need?

3) My friend convinced me to register to for 2007 Chicago Marathon. I'm definitely excited as it's one of things I want to do once in my life, but very scared at the same time. It is a LOT of running, and a LOT of training on a bad knee. I also hate running outside (yes, I am one of those weirdos that prefers a treadmill) because of the pavement, but I think I can do it. Good thing is I have almost 10 months to get myself there!

4) I have a life again! Went out with friends last night, going out with friends again tonight, I love it! Soemtimes it feels slightly weird to now be stressed out all the time, but I think it's great.

5) Hope everyone else is doing great and relaxing as well!

6) Random question: do you guys out there in the blogging world think that people actually change? Or that if there are fundamental flaws in people, they will remain in some form for their entire life?


double dot said...

I think people do change. It requires two things:
(1) The ability to realize that one needs to change. In other words, the ability to interospect.
(2) The willingness to change.

Iday said...

People do change. Many ppl change a lot as their life progresses :)

I remember this line from one of my high school English Class lessons. "He was a self remade person" and the author was speaking about Mahatma Gandhi :)

Even the Mahatma was not born a Mahatma :D

Wannabe said...

No interviews for me. But that it could just be me being me. I know there were a few interview calls out for Yale. Not sure about the rest.

I hate running outside. Because running from point A to point B would mean I would have to run back to point A if I wanted to stop. :( Running on a threadmill allows me to stop anytime. Why don't you use the "Space walker" or the non-impact running machines?

Juggler said...

People change of course, the question is "for better or for worse?"

But i bet u will be unable to answer that coz then the question arises define "better" and "worse". LOL

Even if some faults go away, trust you me, others will come right in to replace them.

A true cynic has spoken :D

asiangal said...

No interviews yet ... but I refuse to obsess about it for now. =)

On your question of people changing ... yes I do believe that people change as they mature but there's an essence of some sort that remains as a common thread throughout their lives. Okay that didn't really make sense ...

Inblue said...

Interview invites only after it turns to Complete
No interview invites yet( though I am only waiting on one ).Dont be anxious. Most interview invites go out at the end of the window so dont think too much.

Chicago Marathon 2007 !! WOW
People do change again how much and in what terms is purely subjective.

Bond007 said...

Depends on the situation. How will people react at particular time. That is the major thing to understand.
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