Sunday, January 7, 2007

5 down! At least halfway there!

I submitted Fuqua today, yay! And now I am over the halfway mark which is great, because my head does feel like it's going to explode from staring at the computer for most of the weekend. At least I got out for a few hours here and there to see friends. And enjoy the 60 degree weather.

Now to go:
1) Columbia is almost done, just 1 more essay. Does anyone else think that their online application form is super frustrating, asking you to uplaod separate documents for EVERYTHING? Also, it doesn't view properly using Safari on a Mac. C'mon business people, give the Macs some love! I hopefully will be submitting this tomorrow.

2) Stanford is all done (essays and form) except for essay 1 (What matters to you most and why?). I'm torn between two different answers - one a bit more personal, a story about the history of my life basically, and the other a personality trait that has threaded through my life. I'll definitely be submitting this tomorrow.

3) UChicago, to be honest, I haven't started. But it looks like for the first and second ones I can modify existing essays for, I'll just have to do the little questions at the end, and the form.

4) I'm still debating whether or not to apply to MIT. I made the decision to work on and submit Columbia, Stanford, and UChicago and only after that work on MIT. If I have time before the 10th I'll apply, but if not then no love lost.

5) NYU is not due until the 15th, muahahah.

Just a few more to go and I'll have my social, exercising, reading, pottery-making, FUN life back!!

ps - Does anyone have good remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? From working so much on applications and work being very hectic and out of control, I feel like the tendons are about to jump out of my wrists. Ouch ouch ouch. Please let me know of any suggestions!


Wannabe said...

Where do you find the time to do all the essays?!

It takes me 2 weeks to perfect an essay - lots of feedback from family and crafting it so that it reads well.

I'm in awe of people like yourself that say, I'm applying to 10 schools, I finished 5 schools last weekend....


Inblue said...

there's a larger trouble when you finsih all the apps. The Nowhereness, the emptiness. though I come back home early and go to the gym. I feel a void now. It feels so odd not to have anything to do with your essay or follow up. 1-2 days are going to be real chaos.

BTW congrats ! your committement to the apps is just fabuluous. I can't even dream of such discipline. Kudos !

asiangal said...

Your pace is amazing! How did you get all your recommenders to submit on time?

MBA babe said...

WOW! nice work getting 5 in so far! And here I am sitting here b*tching about have 2 due on wednesday - seriously you are amazing! good luck finishing up & enjoy getting back to normal fun life!

Forrest Gump said...

i continue to remain amazed. good luck for the remaining apps.

Iday said...

Looks like u r running on some high octane fluid :)

But then - a note of caution. Hope u dont overlook anything while u r running at this frenetic pace.

Congrats on the 5 submissions, good luck with their results and the remaining 5 submissions :)

Sudha said...

this rings so many bells in my head :) i was in the same mode last october. the only difference is that u r also finding time to blog!

sorry about the carpal tunnel. i can only offer u luck and positve thoughts!

P.S: i wish i had applied to columbia RD now. i got dinged in ED

R2_MBA said...

Only one word - Amazing!

The Caspian said...

You are planning to write Stanford's "What matters to you most and why?" in one day?! That's insane! I think I would need 3-4 weekends to draft it and revise it.

@inblue - I feel the same void! But i think I will hit the gym.