Saturday, January 6, 2007

4th app done & I love global warming!

Just finished and submitted the Michigan App, yay! Crunch time is coming up with a LOT of applications due this Wednesday. I'm almost hitting burnt out but I think I can plow through it for a few more days.

Also, good news, my recommender got my Kellogg rec in on time, so another load off the shoulders.

In random news, the weather is FANTASTIC. I was planning to work on apps all day today, but I took a two hour break to have lunch outside. It's too gorgeous where I'm sure I would have regretted it later had I stayed inside.

Finally, my Wharton app now reads "Complete - Round 2" which means it is at the committee for review. Talk about scary! I just hope at least get an interview, it will be so sad to go through Feb and know then that I did not make it.

Good luck to everyone else working on apps!


R2_MBA said...

Nice work!

Iday said...

Sounds like good progress.
Just make sure you dont end up hitting the submit button out of the "Oh yeah - let's get done with it" desperation. The burnt out feeling can make people do that :)

Forrest Gump said...

Welcome to the world of MBA applicant bloggers!

And good luck for your schools. I am amazed though, on your energy level to submit so many apps. I wish I had some of that myself.