Thursday, January 4, 2007

3 R2 Apps down, a million more to go

Kellogg is submitted yay! Only frustrating thing is that one of my recommenders STILL has not submitted (even though I've sent the email 3x sine October) so I hope he gets it in before the deadline. It's a bit unclear, however, because Kellogg states its deadline to be 1/5/07 but gives no indication of the time the app is due. Any ideas?

A lot of people have asked me why I am applying to so many schools. The truth is, I am doubtful of getting admittance anywhere, and so I feel like I have to apply to a lot of places to get in somewhere. I really really want an MBA and to learn about all the things in business school! What do you guys think? Better to apply to a lot or does it look bad to committees? Better to apply to a few and if no admission apply for 08 admission?

This whole process is so crazy and confusing, but a little bit fun too, like a game!

Good luck to everyone else submitting Round 2!


R2_MBA said...

The deadline is 11:59 p.m tomorrow. I called the office to find out.

R2_MBA said...

And I dont think it's bad to apply to many schools. I dont think adcom would really care.

The point is that it takes serious effort (atleast for me) to get a good app. I have only submitted 3, almost done with 4, and dont know if I can do anymore.

Wannabe said...

I like your Top Ten shotgun approach. :)

What are your stats like? And which is your safety school? :P

Inblue said...

Dont fret over applying to many schools or about the recommenders. I had my wharton reco go in just 2 hours before the deadline. In R1 my manager submitted his reco 2 days after the deadline ( that's because Chiacgo allowed him to do so). Anxiety is a part of the Apps.

All the best !

asiangal said...

I would have wanted to apply to a lot of schools as well, and I think I would have had enough energy to do a lot of applications. My main roadblock was not wanting to give my recommenders too much trouble --- I didn't ask for a generic letter and instead asked them to actually answer the guide questions of each school. 3 apps is good progress though ... good work. =)

The Caspian said...

If you can do that many applications without sacrificing quality, go for it.